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Streaming Wizard

Welcome to, Streaming Wizard's specialist streaming website.

With the sale of smartphones and tablets ever on the rise, and the increasing demand for streamed content on the go, its clear that there is a definate market and use for mobile streaming.

Whether you want to stream a constant live webcast around the globe, or just hold a video conference for colleagues in a local area, we can provide exactly what you need for the best results.

Livestreaming: Livestreaming is what we at streaming wizard are all about, and being able to stream live broadcasts to mobile devices is simply the next step in the evolution of streaming.

Video on Demand: Video on demand is our video storage system for prerecorded videos that can be accessed at any time from a player code (that we provide!) that you can embed in your website.

NEW!! Wowza GoCoder: This is an app for your iPad or iPhone that allows you to use your mobile device as a mobile camera and encoder, as an all in one!